Feudo Antico,safeguarding the territory

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Feudo Antico,safeguarding the territory

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In 2013, during the preparation of the soil for the first replanting of Pecorino, the ruins of a Roman villa rustica came to light. Since then, our commitment to protect and revive the area has gained even more strength and awareness.

DOCG Tullum

A journey that began in 2008 and led us to the recognition, in 2019, of the Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin: Tullum DOCG, one of the smallest appellations of origin in Italy, a certificate of excellence for the whole Tollo area.

Rooms & Spa

We want you to experience the best of Abruzzo: our hospitality packages are the best way to discover the territory. Not just wine, but also relaxation and good food.

At high altitude

Our territory is our source of inspiration, and we like to reinterpret it by creating innovative wines. With Casadonna we support the “extreme viticulture” project that has brought Pecorino to high altitudes.

Travel with us

Feudo Antico safeguards the territory and invites you to explore it.Our project is part of a wider vision aimed at rediscoveringand regaining knowledge of our region, Abruzzo.

Welcome to Abruzzo