Safeguarding of the territory

We go the extra mile to innovate, preserve and regenerate the land and its crops. We innovate by using new winemaking techniques, and our experiments on native varieties have the primary aim of preserving and protecting our land. Feudo Antico lies on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, rooted in a thousand-year-old winemaking tradition. This is how we celebrate our winemaking project, a journey that began in 2004 and that is rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition.

DOCG Tullum

A journey that began in 2008 and led us to the recognition, in 2019, of the Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin: DOCG Tullum, one of the smallest appellations of origin in Italy, a true certificate of excellence for the whole Tollo area. A thorough investigation of the soils, microclimate, and rootstocks has given each wine its own peculiar origin.

DOCG Tullum

A tradition rooted in the past

For its new home, Feudo Antico chose a hill in the heart of Abruzzo, from where it symbolically watches over the territory. The remains of an ancient Roman villa and various tools of the time for preserving wine, which came to light during the replanting of the first Pecorino vineyards in 2013, did the rest. We carried on with the archaeological excavation as a way to reclaim our culture, our roots: our project, aimed at safeguarding, and enhancing the territory, has gained strength and awareness from it.


Technique and respect

We pursue sustainable wine-grape growing in compliance with the DOCG Tullum specification. The planting density must not be lower than 1.600 plants per hectare for the pergola abruzzese system, and lower than 4.000 plants per hectare for vine rows. Grapes must be harvested, vinified, and bottled within the same production area, and must not come from vineyards located at an altitude of less than 80 m above sea level.

Cru and vineyards