At high altitude

We ventured into the mountains to test Pecorino at a high altitude. This experience led to new collaborations, new impulses, and confirmed the mountains as the natural element that best express the sense of protection and custody towards our territory.


While in search of the ideal mountain terrain, Feudo Antico landed in Castel di Sangro, a wild and enchanted place, the reign of the award-winning chef Niko Romito, now our adventure partner. In his estate - six hectares on one of the most beautiful Italian valleys – the experimental Pecorino vineyard has found its space, right next to the vegetable garden and orchard, at over 800 meters above sea level.

Pecorino extreme

This challenging project began in 2010; since then, our enthusiasm keeps fuelling new experiments.

Mountain climates are characterised by a rather distinctive combination of temperature, solar radiation, and wind, as well as by a larger variability of climate if compared with lowlands at the same latitude. Such differences have repercussions on the physiology and biological cycle of the vines: on the mountains, fruits ripen more slowly, and the significant difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures strongly influences the aromatic component of the vines, preserving their acidity content. Pecorino is a grape variety that has never been grown at high altitudes before. This is why our project has rightly been called 'extreme viticulture'.

Pecorino IGP Casadonna

A wine that from the very first harvest clearly released the flavours and fragrance of the altitude: saline acidity, strong minerality, fresh aromas with broad citrus notes.

Spontaneous fermentation, refinement in acacia wood barrels, and bottling without any stabilisation or filtration treatment: the cellar’s only aim is to preserve the quality of the raw material in order to exalt the original characteristics. Today we can enjoy the wine from the 2020 harvest, and produce around 2,000 bottles a year. A real pearl set in the heart of the Abruzzo mountains, we are so proud to continue such an ambitious and challenging project.

Pecorino IGP Casadonna