Vineyards and cru

Each terroir has been selected based on its pedoclimatic position and on its best production. The need to define individual vineyard blocks led us to choose only high-density hilly or mountain vineyards within a well-defined area.

Initially, our interest focused on Pecorino and Passerina, two indigenous grape varieties whose cultivation has long been neglected in our area for economic reasons. They both require limited yields and special care; appreciable results can thus be obtained only with greater wine-making awareness. It’s thanks to this renovated awareness that we have restarted their production.

Feudo Antico Reds are obtained only from the best among the oldest Montepulcianovineyards in the Tolloarea. Harvested when fully ripe and processed with extreme care to get the most out of their lively flavours. Through long macerations, spontaneous fermentation – like in the case of the Organic and InAnfora wines – and very little interventions, we preserve the raw material at its best. Our red wines are neither clarified nor filtered, but are "waited for" until they are fully mature.


During the zoning study, which began in 2011, Feudo Antico’s agronomic staff has meticulously researched the soil, the microclimate, and the rootstocks. A thorough investigation carried out by the University of Milan under the supervision of Professor Attilio Scienza, has allowed us to confer on each wine a peculiar origin in a selected and well-defined soil.

DOCG Tullum

2019 brought an important recognition: the DOCG Tullum - Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin, one of the smallest appellations of origin in Italy. A journey that began in 2008 with the Tullum PDO: wines produced from vineyards with limited yields, bred with low environmental impact techniques. Vinification and bottling take place within the same production area, and must not come from vineyards located at an altitude of less than 80 m above sea level. In addition, planting density must not be lower than 1.600 plants per hectare for the pergola abruzzese system, and lower than 4.000 plants per hectare for vine rows. Tullum DOCG represents a true certificate of excellence for the whole Tollo area.

DOCG Tullum