Safeguarding the territory:the manifesto

Ideas rooted in tradition and history, the use of innovative viticultural techniques, responsibility towards the environment: that’s our recipe to reconnect with our territory, with the ambitious aim of revitalising the past and preserving it for the future.We believe in knowledge and we rely on the passion for our land, the same passion we want to promote through the Feudo Antico project.

Our values

The love for the territory and respect for the environment guide us in passing on traditions, culture and secrets of our history. Viticulture, winemaking know-how are the founding character of Feudo Antico, a talent that runs through our veins and deep roots of this land for a long time.

Looking to the future

A new life for our indigenous crops: we are protecting an environment that is as wonderful as it is fragile, while at the same time we are strengthening the Tollo community'ssense of belonging. Archaeo-enology speaks about our history, the experience, and the vocation of the territory: that’s the inspiration that comes from the past and takes us into the future.

Where we start from

We go back a long way, as far as Roman times. Archaeo-enology inspires our products and acts as a witness to our history. It is at the core of our environmental protection practices, and of our promotion activities aimed at recognising Tollo community’s role in protecting the richness of the territory.

An ancient history

Ours is not just an enological journey that preserves memories, values, and traditions, but a project that reinterprets, with renewed vitality and passion, the history of the vineyards and of the people inhabiting this precious ecosystem; an ecosystem that has always stood in balance between sky, earth, sea, and ancient stories.